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Capital Projects and Asset Development

Capital Projects and Asset Development (CPAD) is a fast-growing team responsible for a variety of major projects across the country. The purpose of the CPAD group is to develop policy, secure funding and deliver a strategic investment programme in order to create the smart assets and connected networks necessary for customer success and owner’s objectives.



Auckland Metro Programme

The Auckland Metro Programme (AMP) team has been tasked with the management and delivery of a wide programme of network capital activities. Some of the projects within this scope of work are ARDP (Auckland Rail Development Programme) and the CRL (City Rail Link) and its associated interfaces and integration.

The team are responsible for ensuring that the right capital works in Auckland are planned and funded and that the governance, management and delivery of those works is to best practice. This is to ensure that a sustainable rail industry in the Auckland region is created.

Wellington Metro Upgrade

KiwiRail and the Greater Wellington Regional Council (through its customer-facing brand Metlink) are working together to upgrade the rail network to make services more reliable and enable more people and freight to travel on trains in the future, with funding provided by the New Zealand Government.

Works in the Wellington Metro Upgrade Programme (WUMP) can be divided into two main areas; renewing existing infrastructure so services run as smoothly as possible and adding capacity so more people can travel on trains in the future while still allowing for freight services.

Construction and Delivery

Construction and Delivery are the fastest growing team within KiwiRail and are working to drive the successful delivery of several key programmes within the Capital Projects and Asset Development Portfolio. The team provides constructability and value engineering advisory services to the internal KiwiRail business, including Design and Construction Management across various engineering disciplines. 

Rolling Stock Procurement

The Rolling Stock Procurement team manage the purchasing and acquisition of all new carriages, locomotives, wagons and any other above-rail equipment needed for the growth of the business, to meet customer demand and deliver on-time services for customers. This team have also engaged the international market for new wagons, tourism carriages and a wheel processing facility, with better contractual agreements to support the business.

Northland Rail Upgrade

Significant Government investment is enabling KiwiRail to improve rail connections in Northland, supporting the transfer of freight from road to rail and reducing transport emissions. In June 2021, funding was also allocated from the Government’s New Zealand Upgrade Programme to build a rail link to Northport at Marsden Point. With freight volumes in Northland expected to increase from 18million tonnes a year to 23million tonnes by 2042, rail is a crucial part of developing an efficient, integrated road-rail transport system for the region. 

Mechanical Facilities

The Mechanical Facilities team work closely with key stakeholders to upgrade some of KiwiRail’s major mechanical depots, including those at Westfield, Woburn, Waltham and beyond.

Project Management Office

The Project Management Office (PMO) provides enterprise-class project management solutions for KiwiRail Operations and Infrastructure, as well as for KiwiRail clients and other stakeholders. The team have a portfolio of an estimated $120 million, composed of $80 million Tourism and $40 million COO and other activities. They have completed some major projects, including the Otira clean and NICE4 and will continue their efforts on safety improvement at level crossings and pedestrian gates, working closely with the NZTA and AT.

Government Relations, Policy and Funding

The Government Relations, Policy and Funding team work closely with government stakeholders such as the Ministry of Transport, Treasury, NZTA and MBIE on rail policy and funding matters. They are responsible for producing key documentation to support the planning and funding of major rail projects. The team ensure that transport policy supports rail as a key enabler of integrated transport outcomes for NZ and that rail has a sustainable long-term funding regime.

Control Systems Integration

The Control Systems Integration program is established to manage KiwiRail’s investment in renewing and upgrading the national signalling and control systems and establish dual train control centres in both Wellington and Auckland that are co-located with the operational management teams of our Metro partners. KiwiRail will change from a single National Train Control Centre in Wellington to control centres in both major cities working in a more resilient and collaborative way. The team will also manage the integration of new tracks and signalling such as the new City Rail Link in Auckland, and the track upgrades in Wellington into their operations.




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