Cameron - ICT Graduate, 2022

What did you study at university?

I studied a Bachelor of Information and Communication Technologies, specialising in Information Systems. This was at Ara Institute of Canterbury.

What motivated you to apply for the graduate programme at KiwiRail?

As part of a work-integrated project for my final semester of study I became an Intern at KiwiRail, working on a dashboard for exploring Locomotive efficiency, this later expanded into other tasks and projects. Simply put, I was motivated to continue my KiwiRail journey and saw it as my next step.

How did you find the transition coming from university into the working world?

While there was certainly trepidation, it was a very welcome transition with the move away from theoretical work into work with the capacity to affect a business unit, the wider company and even New Zealand.

What would a day at KiwiRail look like for you in the graduate programme?

A mix of working alongside managers and colleagues towards assigned project work, attending meetings, and devising new work and responsibilities.

What is your favourite part about KiwiRail/ the graduate programme?

The positive and nurturing environment. You don’t have to know everything and can query knowledgeable and talented peers.

What have you learned during the graduate programme so far?

I have learned about the immense breadth and scale of KiwiRail and its contribution to New Zealand and how ‘small’ initiatives can have an extensive impact.

How would you describe being a graduate at KiwiRail?

You are very much entering something bigger than yourself but are still allowed to bring your unique talents and skills to the table.

How will the graduate programme help you in your professional and career progression?

The graduate programme allows proving myself, developing technical skills and foster connections.

What advice can you give to university students/ potential applicants?

Be authentic, know your skills and talents, and be ready to take on new and unexpected opportunities.

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