Jamie - Graduate Engineer, 2022

What did you study at university?

Civil Engineering at the University of Auckland.

What motivated you to apply for the graduate programme at KiwiRail?

I started as a summer intern and really enjoyed my time working in KiwiRail. KiwiRail is involved in a vast scope of work which provides me many opportunities to grow as an engineer. The graduate programme rotates me through different departments in my area of study so I can gain a deeper understanding as an engineer. There is a lot of freedom to try new things in KiwiRail. This works perfectly for me as I am still trying to navigate what I want my career to look like.

How did you find the transition coming from university into the working world?

Working full-time does take a while to get used to. Fortunately, once you get stuck into some of the exciting projects KiwiRail are currently involved in, you quickly get used to the working lifestyle.

What would a day at KiwiRail look like for you in the graduate programme?

With the rotations in the graduate programme, what your day looks like can change greatly. Currently, due to Covid-19, a lot of work has been done from home, but you get plenty of support from your team, so it is still enjoyable. But I am looking forward to going in to the office and on more site visits.

What is your favourite part about KiwiRail/ the graduate programme?

You get a lot of support in the graduate programme. Besides your manager who you regularly report to, everyone is given a buddy. This is great especially at the start of your role so you have someone you can talk to at any point.

What have you learned during the graduate programme so far?

It is so much you learn every day. One thing I am slowly learning is rail terminology. Fortunately, people at KiwiRail are always happy to explain new terms if you are ever confused.

How will the graduate programme help you in your professional and career progression?

I am currently involved in the Young Engineers Group in KiwiRail. We meet monthly where you are allowed to connect with other engineers around the business and potentially get involved in opportunities outside of your current team. These meetings count towards Career Professional Development under Engineering NZ.

KiwiRail has also recently become a Professional Development Partner with Engineering New Zealand so you know that you will be able to further your career within KiwiRail.

What advice can you give to university students/ potential applicants?

With the growing interest in greener transportation options, working in rail is the best place to be. There are so many opportunities in KiwiRail if you just ask around the company. Always ask questions and be proactive so you can get involved in what you are passionate about.

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