Jay - Economics Graduate, 2022

What did you study at university? 

Finance and Economics.

What motivated you to apply for the graduate programme at KiwiRail? 

I wanted to join an organisation that supports collaboration and growth. Not just on a business level but on a personal level too.

How did you find the transition coming from university into the working world?

I found it quite difficult – during my time at university, we were never taught how much of an impact rail has on our economy. This is a completely new learning curve for me.

What would a day at KiwiRail look like for you in the graduate programme?

As soon as I log in, I would check my emails and see what meetings I have for the day. In-between meetings I would work on different projects and various tasks.

What is your favourite part about KiwiRail/ the graduate programme?

So far it would be the people – I’ve met some amazing people throughout the programme that have now become my good friends.

What have you learned during the graduate programme so far?

I have learned the basics of rail and all the different components to it. How rail, road and ferries all tie in together to support our economy and how much of an environmental impact rail provides on helping the NZ government to meet its carbon emissions goals. I am learning, understanding, and slowly visualising the future of rail which is exciting!

How would you describe being a graduate at KiwiRail?

It's been an enjoyable experience – I’ve been absorbing a lot of information so far on this journey.

How will the graduate programme help you in your professional and career progression?

During the rotations to different departments, I will pick up various skillsets. I will gain insight and knowledge from my different department leaders which will carry on with me throughout my entire career.

What advice can you give to university students/ potential applicants?

Apply! The Kiwirail graduate programme is a great opportunity. If you are personally feeling lost within yourself and what role you want to go into, the different department rotations   will help you find out what you want to do in the future.

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